Thursday, 28 May 2015

The United Colonies of Mankind lay the hammer down...

So after quite a bit of work and a lot of late nights the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) for Dropzone Commander finally have enough assets to take the field against the Post Human Republic, Scourge, Shaltari and Feral Resistance...

Here is my take on the UCM (although for some reason my photography never seems to do my painting justice! :(

The ground assets so far. Only a few dropships so far but the rest are on their way!

A couple of Bear APC's with their Legionnaires and Praetorians

A closer look at the Praetorians with their Bear APC

A striking view of the Air Mobile elements so far...

A closer look at Bear APC 'War Wagon'

One of the Anti Aircraft Point Defence Rapiers 'Hooters'

Another one of the Rapiers called 'Rat Man'

A complete UCM Main Battle Tank Sabre Section

The complete Gladius Heavy Tank Section

A Kodiak command APC 'Hawkeye' complete with ability to call down an area effect orbital strike!

One of the Taskforce's Longbow artillery pieces

The Eagle Gunship

One of the Airmobile Condor transport sections

A closer look at Condor 13

One of the Albatross Heavy Lifters

The attached Airforce support squadron with both Archangels and one Seraphim

So this is my UCM army up to date. There is still plenty more to paint but the painting schemes and how to do them have been worked out and settled upon...

Long live the United Colonies of Mankind!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The UCM are coming...

So after much haranguing from members of my club who want to see what is going on, on the tool bench with regards to the United Colonies of Mankind force that is about to descend on the Cradle Worlds, I decided to share a sneak peak.

The Air Force of course paves the way so its only fitting that they should be seen in the skies above the cradle worlds first...

Ladies and Gentlemen; The Air Force!

The Squadron

The Archangel Wing

Archangel One

The Seraphim Strike Fighter

... and for those of you who wish to stand in our way... Watch the Skies!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Grande Armee: The Austrian Advance Guard from Wagram 1809 in 6mm

So, its been a little while since I have posted a painting blog but thats not to say that haven't been slaving away over paints and brushes.

Im neck deep in getting some Dropzone Commander UCM assets ready for presentation BUT as it has been a while since I posted I thought I would let you all in on what I had finished off in preparation for moving onto Dropzone Commander.

So, I procured for myself John H. Gill's seminal masterpiece trilogy 1809: Thunder on the Danube which gives the complete history of Napoleons absolute pfisting of the Habsburg monarchy!

I don't know about the rest of you but when I choose an army I usually go for the underdogs and/or losers and most especially if they look dapper in their clobber!

Thats the main reason I chose the Austrians (as I already own French and Spanish armies of the period in 15mm. This is my first 6mm Napoleonic Army). The Austrian army of this period (1809) was commanded by Archduke Charles who is one of the only people to have ever defeated Napoleon using an army of his own, with no allied contingents. For me this was reason enough to choose the army.

I have to say however that by the end of the first volume of Gills trilogy I was well and truly disavowed of my erroneous notion that the Austrians were probably capable but unlucky. Bravery was certainly not missing in the Austrian ranks of 1809 and the fact that they could keep troops in the field following a relentless series of kickings the French and Confederation troops doled out to them in the first month of the campaign says a lot about their personal qualities BUT, and here is the caveat, these poor troops deserved a military hierarchy that could do more than polish their epaulettes!!! I have never in my life read about such a collection of puddings! All collected in one military establishment... at the same time AND unlucky enough to face somebody of Napoleons character, let alone Davout, Lannes, Montbrun, Bessieres, Wrede and so on! They never stood a chance. Its small surprise that only one of the Austrian corp commanders saw active service after the campaign was over!!!

The Advance Guard commanders however were another kettle of fish entirely. Schuttermayer! What a man!!!!

Anyway, having read deeply into this developing disaster and having witnessed photos of Jim's Frogs marching around the corner I felt a sudden rush of panic and realised that just the one corp wouldn't be enough... so I decided that at the very least my army would need to field the army's Advance Guard led by the capable FML Armand Nordman who was actually killed at Wagram along with 3 other Austrian generals.

The Austrian Hauptarmee Advance Guard

FML Armand von Nordmann

The Hessen-Homburg Hussars

IR4 & 6th Vienna Woods Landwehr

IR44 & 1st Vienna Woods Landwehr

Palatinal Hussars & 1st Jager Battalion

Stipsicz Hussars & 13th Grenzer

The Advance Guards attached Horse Artillery Battery

... and of course an army that is fielding two separate corp at least will need the custodianship of a senior general of which Austria had only one that was worth talking bout...and that was Archduke Charles himself!