Thursday, 28 May 2015

The United Colonies of Mankind lay the hammer down...

So after quite a bit of work and a lot of late nights the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) for Dropzone Commander finally have enough assets to take the field against the Post Human Republic, Scourge, Shaltari and Feral Resistance...

Here is my take on the UCM (although for some reason my photography never seems to do my painting justice! :(

The ground assets so far. Only a few dropships so far but the rest are on their way!

A couple of Bear APC's with their Legionnaires and Praetorians

A closer look at the Praetorians with their Bear APC

A striking view of the Air Mobile elements so far...

A closer look at Bear APC 'War Wagon'

One of the Anti Aircraft Point Defence Rapiers 'Hooters'

Another one of the Rapiers called 'Rat Man'

A complete UCM Main Battle Tank Sabre Section

The complete Gladius Heavy Tank Section

A Kodiak command APC 'Hawkeye' complete with ability to call down an area effect orbital strike!

One of the Taskforce's Longbow artillery pieces

The Eagle Gunship

One of the Airmobile Condor transport sections

A closer look at Condor 13

One of the Albatross Heavy Lifters

The attached Airforce support squadron with both Archangels and one Seraphim

So this is my UCM army up to date. There is still plenty more to paint but the painting schemes and how to do them have been worked out and settled upon...

Long live the United Colonies of Mankind!


  1. Your work is inspiring, I'm painting my army in exactly the same scheme, just doing it by hand and brush (no airbrush skill or gear at all).

    1. Hey Pdzikus, Im glad you like my work. Its all pretty painstaking BUT when its all on the field you just can't argue that its worth the time.

      Even if you don't have an airbrush you should still get yourself some adhesive templates. They won't be as rugged as when you use them with Airbrush but they will still do the job for you... just paint lightly.

      If you want to see an example of hand painted urban camo you can take a look at my Wolverines in my most recent UCM blog post. They are all hand painted, and with my Flames of War Polish army I have a bundle of French tanks that Poland used that are all painted in similar patterns... more on that later though...

  2. I already gave you tons of praise - so enough of that. :)
    Where are you at?
    Just dropping by the HWG-forum, winning hearts, minds and monthly competitions - and then nothing?
    No battle reports, new armies, WiP or even a call?

    Now I know what One Night Stands must feel like.

    Regards - Ljevid ;)

    1. Ha ha Ljevid you crack me up mate! :D Ive had my head buried in a Polish army for the last 6 months and Im 2/3rds of the way through my first French Indo-China war stuff BUT funny you should verbally smack me about the head now as Ill be posting my first UCM post in a while with Wade, Exo Armour and Anti aircraft troops painted.... AND Ive also got a whole Shaltari mega army and some PHR assets which Ive been frothing to do some Tron lighting stuff on BUT my new airbrush needs to have a bit tighter control before I dive into that! I wanna make sure it will have people falling over sideways mate. Watch this space!!! :D