Sunday, 28 August 2016

PHR Ground Assets: Juno's, Helios', Phobos' and Ares Walkers...

So, I FINALLY managed to polish off the Post Human Republic ground assets that I wanted done before I head off to Poland on holiday to explore where WW2 actually began so I thought I would do a quick blog post for you guys to see a photo-fest of what I've done!

Hope you enjoy!

First, the Ares Anti Tank walkers:

The Phobos Anti Aircraft walkers:

The Juno A1 main battle tank cum personnel carrier... somewhat reminiscent of the Israeli Merkava Mk2 tanks.

... and finally the Helios anti grav mobile missile batteries:

So there we go. On this note I think I will go and hammer away at some Polish Podhale Rifles (read Super hard mountain troops!)

Go me!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

PHR Infantry: Immortal Longreach Anti Material Sniper Teams

So, just a small addition to the Post Human Republics Infantry.

Before I dive back into my Austrians and finish of the artillery of Kolowrats III Corp from 1809 I decided that it owuld be good to polish off the PHR infantry I had sitting on a wooden batten ready to be painted! 

These were my Immortal Longreach sniper teams. Armed with Anti Material Rifles these infantry are tasked with hunting down and removing with extreme prejudice enemy vehicles and heavy infantry.

As this army is being modelled and finished off with Tron: Legacy and the Grid in mind I decided that a good little addition to these figures would be the Identity Discs that every character in Tron carries. The best thing is that these figures have no backpacks and no massive swathes of personal hair that the normal Immortals and Sirens have. The Longreach figures are wearing cloaks and small discs could be glued comfortably on their backs.

The discs were rivet punched from very thin plasticard with the centres then drilled out. These discs were then glued to the back of the figures and then painted with the rest of the figures.

These are the results:

Nothing much else new to report on these ones as I've used all of the same techniques as on the other PHR infantry.

I think I'm going to take a break from the PHR for a week or so whilst I polish off the Austrian artillery I've got stuck on wooden batons for my Austrian Kolowrats III corp!

See ya on the flip side!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

PHR Air Assets - Athena Air Superiority Fighter and Aegaeon Medium Dropship

In my continuing quest to complete a PHR Tron-esque army I have ploughed straight on with some more air assets. The Athena Air Superiority Fighter and the Aegaeon Medium Dropship!

The first to be done was my Athena Air Superiority fighter, the PHR's go to solution if enemy flyers think they are all that an' a Big Mac!

Simple and clean design, it lent itself well to the techniques I'm using for my PHR and was able to apply all of the usual design styles with no issues. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome... and here she is:

The next model to be attacked (so to speak!) was a limited edition PHR Aegaeon medium dropship. where the game is concerned they operate just as a standard Neptune dropship does BUT the model is crammed with juicy detail and is probably one of the most attractive models in the Hawk Wargames catalogue... except that its not in the catalogue. You cant buy them!

I was awarded my Aegaeon as a prize for the second time I won Hawks monthly competition with General Wades Broadsword for my UCM army and I was mightily pleased when I got it!

Again I used my chosen Tron methods... and this is what I came up with:

So there we go... the PHR march on! So what do you guys think of these then? :D

Monday, 1 August 2016

PHR Infantry - Immortals and Sirens

Where the infantry for my Dropzone Commander Post Human Republic (PHR) army is concerned I wanted to do something a little different from the norm. 

As anybody who reads this blog will know, I am a big believer that getting the bases for miniatures right is most of the battle in getting the presentation of miniatures correct. I spent some time just soaking up some of the concept art for the cities on the Grid in Tron and then attempted to approximate them. The effects on the bases aren't as good as I was hoping due to the heavy handed hex grid but on the whole I do believe that the bases add to the overall aesthetic of the artistry of the army.

I had to buy clear bases from Litko, then got some hex stencils from Anarchy Models and finally cut my own stencils for the surface designs... this all gave a super shiny base with a 3D effect on the designs.

Each of the miniatures was cut off of its original base, drilled and pinned with guitar string to the drilled bases once all parts were painted, with the super glue frosting being cleaned up as a final step.

So, the first miniatures that I attempted were my Immortals, the bog standard infantry of the PHR task forces. Because of their heavily armoured torso's the standard Tron light suits weren't so easy to model with so I had to look across the concept art libraries and find some examples of heavily armoured troops and use them as an approximation.

These are the two pieces of art that I used as my inspiration

... and these are what I managed to come up with:

The next infantry that made my hit list were the PHR Sirens. The double hard bad ass chicks with guns!

Anybody who has watched Tron: Legacy will no doubt remember the grid 'Sirens' who shepherd Sam Flynn into the Games and one of which is party to a double cross (Gem)

These are the concept and art pieces I used as inspiration:

I loved the outfit these Sirens wear and as the PHR Sirens are all pretty tight Latex and Leather clad I was thinking that they were begging for a good Tron Light Suit and so that is what I attempted... and here they are:

Overall I have to say that I'm quite proud of these Sirens. They were a real pain in the ass to slice, drill and pin because their feet are so small but with a lot of fiddling I managed it and came out of it with a paint design that I think accentuates the femininity of the Sirens and still leaves them looking kick ass!

Comments Welcome! :D