Wednesday, 3 August 2016

PHR Air Assets - Athena Air Superiority Fighter and Aegaeon Medium Dropship

In my continuing quest to complete a PHR Tron-esque army I have ploughed straight on with some more air assets. The Athena Air Superiority Fighter and the Aegaeon Medium Dropship!

The first to be done was my Athena Air Superiority fighter, the PHR's go to solution if enemy flyers think they are all that an' a Big Mac!

Simple and clean design, it lent itself well to the techniques I'm using for my PHR and was able to apply all of the usual design styles with no issues. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome... and here she is:

The next model to be attacked (so to speak!) was a limited edition PHR Aegaeon medium dropship. where the game is concerned they operate just as a standard Neptune dropship does BUT the model is crammed with juicy detail and is probably one of the most attractive models in the Hawk Wargames catalogue... except that its not in the catalogue. You cant buy them!

I was awarded my Aegaeon as a prize for the second time I won Hawks monthly competition with General Wades Broadsword for my UCM army and I was mightily pleased when I got it!

Again I used my chosen Tron methods... and this is what I came up with:

So there we go... the PHR march on! So what do you guys think of these then? :D

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