Saturday, 6 August 2016

PHR Infantry: Immortal Longreach Anti Material Sniper Teams

So, just a small addition to the Post Human Republics Infantry.

Before I dive back into my Austrians and finish of the artillery of Kolowrats III Corp from 1809 I decided that it owuld be good to polish off the PHR infantry I had sitting on a wooden batten ready to be painted! 

These were my Immortal Longreach sniper teams. Armed with Anti Material Rifles these infantry are tasked with hunting down and removing with extreme prejudice enemy vehicles and heavy infantry.

As this army is being modelled and finished off with Tron: Legacy and the Grid in mind I decided that a good little addition to these figures would be the Identity Discs that every character in Tron carries. The best thing is that these figures have no backpacks and no massive swathes of personal hair that the normal Immortals and Sirens have. The Longreach figures are wearing cloaks and small discs could be glued comfortably on their backs.

The discs were rivet punched from very thin plasticard with the centres then drilled out. These discs were then glued to the back of the figures and then painted with the rest of the figures.

These are the results:

Nothing much else new to report on these ones as I've used all of the same techniques as on the other PHR infantry.

I think I'm going to take a break from the PHR for a week or so whilst I polish off the Austrian artillery I've got stuck on wooden batons for my Austrian Kolowrats III corp!

See ya on the flip side!


  1. These are looking Fantastic! - I'd love to see you do a scenic Tron-Board + terrain to go with these guys...

    1. Funny enough Sam I've been mulling over how I can put together a small PHR outpost using opaque black acrylic sheeting BUT I need a jigsaw that can cut curves and do a 45deg bevel. I've got a good idea of how it can be integrated into a dystopian dereliction war games table though based on hex patterns and what not. Should be fun when I'm able to do it :)