Thursday, 16 July 2015

UCM Reinforcements...

Well its been a while since my last post and its not as if my posts are prolific anyway.

The reason I have been flying under the radar however is that I have been finishing off my Dropzone Commander United Colonies of Mankind army...

... and finish them I have!!!!

Well, at least to the point where I have a few assets to add as time goes by but I have probably one of the biggest UCM armies of any player of the game... and its all painted.... and has just won Hawk Wargames (producers of DZC) painting competition.

A couple of posts ago you will have seen the majority of assets for the army that I had back when I began collecting... now I'm back.... and packing heat!

So, without further ado, I thought I would introduce you to the new assets that I have for the army. In a post in the near future I will put some photos up of the entire army laid out, but for now we just have some individual and unit photographs.

First of all the Phoenix Command Gunship

No UCM army is complete without its Doomfridge.... now I am a real fan of Cato's Ferrum Drone Base so decided to appropriate her Drone Bases' runway... Im also knocking one of these together for my other Drone Base as well.

Of course its nice to have all of these big guys to waltz around the table attracting more fire than the Australian Outback but its the little things that matter right?

So firstly its probably worthwhile having a snapshot of the UCM's armoured assets all lined up on display.

Some opponents of the UCM such as the Post Human Republic pack some series firepower squeezed into impossibly indestructible tin cans (for t'is a common insult to cyborgs). Having an Energy 11 double rotary cannon with chin mounted chain guns, all packed into a fast and nimble aircraft is a good thing... banding 4 of them together with the Phoenix Command Gunship is enough firepower to scare anybody... and here is my UCM Falcon squadron

UCM Fireblades are one of the newer, lighter and faster armoured vehicle designs, this one packing one hell of a Flamethrower. I haven't really come up with an effective use for these yet... but Im sure that their time is coming, although it may coincide with Urban scenery with some proper Favelas!

One of my new favourites is the new UCM Katana light tank. This moves almost twice as fast as the standard Sabre battle tank and packs twice as many cannon trading a single point of armour and a single point of energy on each of the cannon.... a collection of these tanks represents a healthy option for building killing... and if you team them up with an Eagle Heavy Gunship... the cradle world is your Oyster!

One of the newest troop types in the game, I haven't actually had a chance to give them a feld test BUT the very fact that they have to be transported by Bear APC and is not allowed the Raven mkI even as an option makes them a little vulnerable to my mind... but then they do get Indirect Barrage Fire.... hmmmm pros and cons!

The next latest troop type that I have introduced into my taskforce is a healthy selection of the elite Praetorian Snipers. These guys are classed as Scout troops and deploying them means that it is a hell of a lot easier to call in air strikes and/ or intercept missions over the field of battle. This in itself makes them worthwhile... that and the fact that if they are in Raven A's they can rip onto the table from nowhere and do a smash and grab on objectives... well worth it.... and of course their sniper rifle if deployed correctly are absolutely lethal!

The more I play UCM the more I like to dispense with the wheeled transport to replace them with the smaller, nimbler, rocket toting Raven A's. Fast troop deployment with a healthy supporting missile batteries these vehicles are worth their weight in gold in my opinion and I can see more of them in my future!

One of the necessaries of the army are the Raven B's. Light dropships that are necessary to carry the much underrated Longbow placed artillery pieces... oh yeah and the Woverine Scout Buggies of which it can carry two each! Again, when tooled up with missile silos these make nimble support assets that can really hurt an opponent!

I haven't used Wolverines in my games yet but I think the vehicles are really cool and I know that when I have my lists refined more, and have identified that I need spotters and reconnaissance troops in greater numbers I know that these savage little vehicles are going to come into their own... Until then, here are some more pictures...

So... thats it as it stands at the moment. There are at the moment in my collection still to paint 4x Condor Dropships, 1x Seraphim Strike Fighter, 1x Eagle Heavy Gunship and a blister of Exo-armoured troops that I am waiting to arrive...and of course another Doom Fridge...

The reconquest is well under way!


  1. Looking good mate!! I'm loving the attention to detail on your minis. I may just have to get into this dropzone / epic business myself ­čśë

  2. Look deep inside yourself and you will realise that it would actually be a criminal offence for you NOT to do this! :D