Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Flames of War: Polish Objective Markers

Modern warfare, and indeed most periods of warfare is generally centred around taking and holding specific locations on the field of battle in order to gain control of the field by days end. It is by using this measuring stick that the victor is commonly decided.

The wargame Flames of War is no different. Games centre around taking and holding objectives.

Typically a player will have markers with their national flag on  BUT I wasn't too keen on this. The idea of draping an enormous red and white flag with a Polish Eagle on didn't seem realistic enough for me.

I manage to come across a company called Mierce Miniatures because of their resin miniatures for a Celtic mythology war-game BUT as a side line they also produce objective markers for Flames of War Early War games and as such I bought the three Polish ones that they had available to add some more jazz to the table.

With a slap of paint and a smattering of static flock they brushed up nicely!

A destroyed 7TP jw.

A destroyed 7TP dw.

A second view of the one above

A destroyed TKS Tankette...

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