Saturday, 20 February 2016

Flames of War: Polish Scouts

One of the areas that games of semi/modern warfare demand attention is that of scouting out the ground in front of you. Modern history abounds with tales of ambushes that swing a battle one way or another. Michael Wittmans armoured convoy ambush in '44 is a prime example of this. One tank... destroys an entire British convoy just outside Villers Bocage (I think it was here...)

Poland had very few, if any, dedicated reconnaissance elements in their forces but instead routinely sent out  platoons on reconnaissance missions to return with information of enemy movements.

This is a good thing for any Polish player in Flames of War because you only need to use standard Polish infantry figures... and so I have!

A Polish Scout Platoon of two sections and command element
As previously expounded by myself on numerous occasions, Battlefronts Polish infantry are an abomination of sculpting and as such I distance myself from them as much as possible, preferring to stick with the True North Polish miniatures which lend themselves to painting so much better AND are a far better anatomical representation of any humanoid less than Battlefronts pseudo Ogryns!

To differentiate between normal Piechoty stands and scout stands I reduced the numbers on stands from 5 figures to 4 and included a binocular touting Pole on each one with the section command stands having the 'odd one out'. Actually its an artillery crew man from QRF but who would notice? LOL

A single Polish scout section

So... there we have it! Nice, quick and simple... and a whole new element to spring Nazi and Communist ambushes!

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