Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Deadloque - Black Powder Fantasy in the Frozen Witchlands...

Occasionally you will come across these 'periods' in wargaming that seduce you with terrible figures and a setting that is non too deep... BUT you cant help yourself be drawn to it anyway.

For me this is represented by Flintloque and its spin offs Deadloque and Slaughterloo! All games of Napoleonic Fantasy inspired by the Bernard Cornwell Sharpe novels.

I picked up a Deadloque pack out of curiosity and sat down to paint the figures which on first glance all looked like comic book cariacatures with hands the size of their abdomens and such like..

However after painting some of these figures up I was totally hooked. These figures have a certain panache that you will not be able to find on any other figures by any other manufacturer... and its a style that lends itself to interesting painting. The oversculpted elements of each miniature really lends itself to shading and highlighting and when painted the whole effect is one of aesthetic contrasts giving, what I believe to be, a really attractive and more importantly an INTERESTING set of miniatures to game with.

So, whilst Flintloque originated with the Fantasy retelling of the adventures of Sharpe (or Sharkey as it is retold in Flintloque), this Black Powder fantasy world broadened its horizons to include a lot of the Emperor Napoleons other exploits... one of these being the doomed 1812 Russian adventure. In Flintloque this misadventure is represented by The Witchlands campaign where the Elven Emperor Mordred invades the Star Wraiths kingdom... and gets roundly whooped, abandoning his army to freeze in the snow... hounded by Vampires, Liches, Werewolves and of course masses of the Undead!

Here are my miniatures which I painted for the game

The Elvan Ferach Characters...

A Ferach Infantryman wrapped up against the cold 

The Ferach lost all of their horses in the retreat and
had to fight on foot!

The elements of the Witchlands reduces all Ferach
combined arms to the same status - stragglers!

A Standard Bearer for the Star Wraiths Liteupski Lancers!

Even the Ferach Lanciers Rouges (Red Lancers), bereft of
their steeds were reduced to fighting on foot!

The Orcs of Albion sent regiments of Bog Orcs to serve with the
Star Wraith who duly employed them as Pavlov Grenadiers

Lady Llamia Wintermore

Undead Liche Runioff

Mademoiselle Boniface

A small section of 1st Gravinski Assault Troops

Vampire Count Will Krayze

Vampire Count Ed Krayze

Sadly these miniatures were painted in two batches at different time frames and the quality of the basing is telling. The Ferach with the snow bases were all painted as a second batch and the quality of the bases  adds so much to the character of the figures whilst the figures that were very first painted were the Undead from the Box Set The Fangs of Lady Wintermore and as such have bases that... well, are just crap! These will all, in due course, be re-based to the higher quality snow bases that the Ferach are all based on!


  1. Lovely work! I was referred here by a posting on the Alternative Armies facebook group of this blog article.


    1. Thanks Gavin, I havent actually played Flintloque in such a long time now that it seems a little redundant having it listed as one of my gaming periods but its great when its used as a kind of table top wargame/roleplay game. Those are the games that I remember as being the best :D