Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Flintloque... the Ferach invasion of Catalunia.
Orcs, vs Goblins, vs Elves (Ferach) vs Dark Elves and all other manner of shenanigans!

Alongside Deadloque, once I was hooked I do as I have always done and buy as many figures as I can lay my hands on as quickly as possible. One of the campaigns of Flintloque that I became interested in after perusing the figures for long periods of time was wargaqming a fantasy version of the Sharpe books... and in line with this I started collecting the actual Ferach (elf) and Orc armies that represented the British and French in the Spanish peninsular...

Here are some of my painting experiments for my Ferach:

These are actually a mixture of Ferach Voltigeurs and 
Ferach Velites Imperial Guard but I liked the figures so much I
just picked a selection and started painting...

This one took quite a bit of work. I removed the original standard pole, drilled out the
soldiers hands built a new banner pole, cannibalised an Eagle for the top, made a banner
out of a butter tub aluminium foil, copied the actual Imperial Velites banner from our 
own world, made a banner sash out of Green Stuff... and then just set to work. This is one of my
favourite modelling and painting accomplishments!

...and just as in the Peninsular War where Napoleon coerced all of the conquered nations into providing troops to his Spanish Ulcer in Flintloque there are many allied contingents that provide troops for the Emperor Mordreds war machine... the Todoroni are one of those races that I have got a liking for.... this is their command group!

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