Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Imperial Russian 2nd & 3rd Pacific Squadrons

So... after waxing lyrical about the sweaty desires I have had to paint boats with big guns I thought I should probably show you what some of them look like.

Here are my photos of the Russian Imperial Fleet's 2nd & 3rd Pacific Squadrons that sailed all the way around the globe (setting a record until the White Fleets cruise) to fall prey to Japanse Guns and Shimose!

2nd Destroyer Division
(ODD Blestyashchi, ODD Bezuprechni, ODD Bodri,
ODD Gromki & ODD Grozni)

1st Destroyer Division
(ODD Byedovi, ODD Buini, ODD Bravi, & ODD Buistri)

First Division
(OBB Knyaz Suvorov, OBB Imperator Aleksander III,
OBB Borodino & OBB Orel)

OBB Borodino

Third Division
(OBB Imperator Nikolai I, OBB Graf Admiral Apraxin,
OBB Admiral Senyavin & Admiral Ushakov)

OBB Imperator Nikolai I

OBB Admiral Senyavin

First Cruiser Division
(OCR Oleg, OCR Aurora, OCR Dimitri Donskoi
& OCR Vladimir Monomakh)

OCR Oleg

OCR Aurora

OCR's Dimitri Donskoi & Vladimir Monomakh

Second Division
(OBB Oslyabya, OBB Sisoi Veliki, 
OBB Navarin & OCR Admiral Nakhimov)

OBB Oslyabya

OBB Navarin

OBB Sisoi Veliki

OCR Admiral Nakhimov

Second Scouting Division
(CR Svyetlana & AMC Ural)

Attached Cruisers
(OCR Zhemchug & OCR Izumrud)

OCR Zhemchug & OCR Izumrud

AH Kostroma

AH Oryel

AE Koreya

AP Irtyusa & AP Anadyr

AR Kamchatka

PY Almaz

AT's Svir & Rus

The Auxiliary Squadron

So the key with painting miniatures of this scale is not to worry too much about the fine detail but to concentrate on the overall effect.

Whenever I see painted miniatures of this scale, there is always something that bothers me about what Im looking at. They always just seem to look so flat, and thats because there is no attention to fine detail... because in a lot of cases there is no fine detail to pay attention to. The way that I think I have overcome this problem with miniatures of this scale is that I paint a representation of planking on the decks of all my ships.

Not terribly accurate BUT makes a massive visual difference when you are looking at them with the naked eye!

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